Year 3 - Working together to beat the bullies

​Last week in Year 3, we looked at why people bully others. As part of our learning, we watched two short, animated films. The first one was called The Birds, where a larger, more unusual bird tries to make friends with a group who clearly think he is weird and don't want anything to do with him. After he tries to make friends with them, they laugh at him and try to get rid of him - with unfortunate (and hilarious) consequences for the group. 

Our second film was called Wing. This was a darker, more serious look at bullying and what it can mean to be different. This film follows a lonely young boy with only one wing which means he can't fly. Other characters bully him and chase him until - fed up - he makes an artificial wing. He catapults himself into the sky and, for a short time, he feels - and is - like the others. Sadly, his wing breaks and he falls to earth. The bullies find him and start again until a young girl leads them away from him. Sadly, she loses a wing trying to save him and the bullies turn on both of them. However, the two realise that between them, they have a pair of wings and, holding hands and working together, they fly to safety.  

In class, we made one wing each. Some were blue, green and purple, others were yellow, red and orange. Some wings were tidy, with feathers arranged neatly, others were less tidy with a more haphazard arrangement of feathers. Some were small and compact, others larger with longer feathers - all of them were individual and unique. Carefully, we paired up the wings, understanding that we are all different but by working together and appreciating our individuality, we can help each other and work to try and overcome unfairness and bullying. I am really proud of their wings and their understanding of the topic. 

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Saturday, 04 December 2021