French vocabulary - Greetings and introductions

Year 6 have had their first two French lessons, learning how to greet someone and ask their name. Here is the vocabulary:

Oui = Yes
Non = No
Bonjour = Hello
Salut = Hello
Bonsoir = Good evening
Bonne nuit = Goodnight
Au revoir = Goodbye
à bientôt = See you soon

Ça va? = You OK?
Ça va. = I'm OK.
Comment ça va? = How are you?
Ça va bien. = I am well.
Ça va très bien. = I am very well.
Pas très bien = Not very well.
Ça va mal. = Things are bad.
Bof! = Things are so-so.
Merci = Thank you.

Et toi? = And you?

Qui est-ce? = Who is it?

C'est... = It's...
Comment tu t'appelles? = What's your name?
Je m'appelle... = My name is...
Comment il s'appelle? = What's his name?
Comment elle s'appelle? = What's her name?
Comment ils s'appellent? = What are their names?

Ils s'appellent... = They are called... 

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Wednesday, 17 August 2022