Happy Birthday to the Trees

The almond tree is blooming...

Hey! It is Tu B'Shbat today! Tu B'Shvat  is the new year for the trees, the time when Hashem renews his blessing to trees and nature. 

As I sit at my computer, I take a moment to look out my window and notice the trees and their beauty. There is such strong message of peace and wellbeing that emanates from the beautiful world of nature that Hashem created! Trees and plants were created on the third day. Hashem, after looking at what he created that day, said twice that it was GOOD!

Think about all the wonderful things that trees give us and lets celebrate the day. There is a tradition of eating 15 fruits on Tu B'Shvat, including a new fruit you have not yet eaten during this season.

Be like a tree! Develop strong roots, stand straight and tall, reach out with your branches using your leaves to purify the environment around you, allow yourself to flower and bloom, because it is only when you trust and allow yourself to bloom, that you can produce fruits, which are the people you inspire and the good deeds you do!

Happy Tu B'Shvat!

Mrs Cohen

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Wednesday, 25 May 2022