Lets Make S'mores and Dance!

Today is a very special day!! It is Lag BaOmer. Please listen to my video telling you all about this special day! Making videos of myself is something new for me and it definitely takes perseverance, much like doing something new you can't understand YET!

There is also a link below to a cartoon about Lag BaOmer for you to enjoy.

It is a traditional custom that on Lag BaOmer we go out on picnics and sit around a bonfire, perhaps eating some delicious s'mores. I think I might just eat my lunch today sitting on the grass and having a picnic. What about you? Of course I must make some s'mores too!! Why not check out how you can make s'mores? You will need an adult to help you. It involves chocolate, marshmallows and plain tea biscuits or graham crackers. Please do send me photos of your picnic! 

Year 1 Blog 2 Wednesday 20th May
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Thursday, 07 July 2022