The Super Power of YET!

Dear Children,

 It is hard to believe that the week has gone by so fast!!!  I hope you made it a really good and worthwhile week! 

I want to share a new concept with you. This means it is a new idea for you to think about. It is called the power of YET. I have made a short video introduction explaining the concept to you.  The game is all about adding the letter YET to ends of sentences that would otherwise make you feel bad about yourself.

'I don't understand what I am supposed to do.... YET'

' I can't do this.... YET!

I have attached linked to two songs and a story about the power of YET!! I would love to hear how you have been using your new superpower! 

The superpower of YET!

There is more from me to come soon!!

Shabbat Shalom


6n0j6o -

A Story about the Power of YET
Year 1 Blog 1 Monday 11th May 2020
Weekly Highlights 8.5.20


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