Year 1 Hebrew Reading Homework

Dear Parents,

In your child's planner, you should now have a reference to which group you need to look out for to find your child's Hebrew reading homework. Please look for the work corresponding to your child's group and ensure that they do their work by each Monday and sign their planner. Work that is assigned to your child has been read in class and is appropriate for them. You do not need to read Hebrew to be able to support your child. If you would like more information about the letters and vowels, please get in touch. Also, look back at the letter sounds blogged for Reception. That will give you the basic sounds of the main letters your child will be using at this stage of the reading scheme.  

At the moment we are using the vowels 'kamatz' and 'patach'. They both say 'a'. 

Wishing you all a great half term

Mrs Cohen

Group ALEF

Group BET

Group Gimmel

Group Daled

Group Hey

Year 2 LK Hebrew Reading Homework
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Wednesday, 25 May 2022