Newsletter #26 - Thursday 17th June 2021

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Occupational Health Webinar

Calling all parents - this is not just for parents of children who receive support from Occupational Therapy. All parents sometimes need guidance with independence and self-care for their children. We often get parents asking us for advice and now you can get it for free from the experts.DIY: Developing Independence & Self-care Skills Early Yea...
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Newsletter #24 - Thursday 27th May 2021

The news from King David School, from a sad week in which we learned of the passing of Mrs Mann.    Download PDF File Here
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Mirror mirror on the wall - Year 2 D.T. Project

 This week in year 2 we have been making our own mirrors inspired by our Snow White topic. We researched different types of mirrors and then designed our own for someone we know.Who have you made your mirror for?What were the design criteria for your mirror?Have a lovely weekend!Miss Stevenson and Miss Hussain
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Calling all King David Musicians! 

Dear Parents, Carers and Young Musicians,Spotlight on Jared James NicholsTuesday 25th May 2021 - 17:30-18:30Services For Education is delighted to be able to offer our guitar students the opportunity to attend a Teams Live Event delivered by Jared James Nichols. He is an internet sensation and prolific live performer. The format...
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Newsletter #23 - Thursday 20th May 2021

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Newsletter #22 - Thursday 13th May 2021

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Not too BIG... Not too small...

  Download PDF File Here This week in English, children wrote an information leaflet about 'Dwarfism'. Can you remember the key features of a leaflet? What is 'Dwarfism'?In Maths, we have started to look at fractions. True or False1\4 is smaller than a 1\2. This week in PE, children explored a range of rolls. What was your favourite role (penc...
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Newsletter #21 - Thursday 6th May 2021

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Speech, Language and Communication Needs Webinar

Enter your text here ... There is growing evidence that the past year of lockdowns has had an impact on young children's language skills, according to research.Data from 50,000 pupils and a survey of schools across England have shown an increased number of four- and five-year-olds needing help with language.Evidence shows poor speech development ca...
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As Snow White took a bite of the lethal apple...

This week in English, children wrote an alternative ending to Snow White. Who saved Snow White in your story? Did your story have a happy ending?In Maths, children created a repeated pattern using a range of shapes. What shapes did you include? This week in PE, children continued developing balance and co-ordination through a range of different act...
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Les animaux

 This week we have been learning vocabulary about animals in French and practising colours.Les animaux - the animalsun animal - an animalun chien - a dogun chat - a catun oiseau - a birdune tortue - a turtle/tortoiseun serpent - a snakeun poisson - a fishun lapin - a rabbitun cochon d'Inde - a guinea pigun hamster - a hamsterun lézard - a liza...
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Snow White...

Another great week! In Maths, children have continued learning about 2D shapes. This week our focus was 'symmetry'. Children used Lego to create their own symmetrical patterns. Can you remember what symmetrical means? What is the opposite of symmetrical?In PE, children have been exploring a range of gymnastic shapes. Can you guess the shape?  ...
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Les couleurs

This week in French lessons we learned the colours.Learn more at this site:
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