Mrs Owen's group's spellings

Mrs Owen’s groups spelling

22.11.18 – write a space ship log to show you know what the words mean as part of your homework – hand it in on Thursday to Mrs Owen. BE IMAGINATIVE.

Your child has a Log booklet to fill in for this. Please help them use their dictionaires to spell other adventurous vocabulary also.

Success criteria:

1.     I can use my own writing targets

2.    I can use expected punctuation:

3.    Capital letters in correct places

4.    Full stops in correct places

5.    Punctuation for reported speech

6.    Finger spaces

7.    Thesaurus and dictionary

1.       radar

2.       spare

3.       notice

4.       nostril

5.       reprogram

6.       compare

7.       chicken

8.       crater

9.       repair

10.   eye

11.   scared

12.   software

13.   declare

14.   nowhere

15.   beware

16.   bulge

17.   bulging

18.   flared

19.   glared

20.   peeped

Challenge – find 3 or more syllable words which have the ‘air/ are’ sound. You might find different spelling choices.


As you are aware, Year 6 have been working on their end of year production - Jonah. We are very excited and looking forward to seeing all of you on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday evening. Teachers and support staff have been working tirelessly, creating scenery, making or finding props and helping the choir to learn their songs. The choir were in fine voice in rehearsal this week and it makes such a difference to have them singing along so enthusiastically, so please make sure they are there on Thursday evening - it really does have a huge impact on the performance and it is so lovely to see other year groups taking part and supporting Year 6!

We have also been looking forward to the summer fair. The School Council will be getting wet as usual - please remember to bring a change of clothes and a towel School Council! 

To help us raise money for the concert costumes, we will be selling any left over snacks from the fair in the playground at playtime next week.


spellings 10.2.17

10.2.17 Spellings


2. Thursday


4. May


6. one








2. Thursday


4. May


6. one







14. when



17. their


1. you





Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly

King David pupils took part in a moving assembly remembering the Six Million Jews murdered during the Holocaust and all other minority groups who were also murdered. We lit candles and remembered the victims of all atrocities and genocides and prayed to Hashem that such things will never happen again. Children learned about the part they will play in the future in ensuring that we live in a peaceful and safe world in the future accepting people of all religions, colour or countries without judgement. The children listened to the story of Chana Senesh and her very moving poem and song. The assembly ended with the beautiful music of Mrs Simone Bryant, who played music composed by Holocaust victims.

Holocaust md 1 Holocaust md 2


Homework 20/01/17

This week, you need to concentrate on going through all your homework books, review and correct your mistakes.  


Even if the correction is written in for you, you need to attempt to show the working out where appropriate or show that you now understand the question by talking to an adult about it, who will then initial and date your work.

You will also have spelling homework - definitions, antonyms/synonyms and 5 sentences.


Have a good weekend.

Shake, shake, shake!

Sukkot is here and with it comes all the fun learning to do with building a sukkah, eating in a sukkah, decorating a sukkah and of course shaking the lulav and etrog! Here are some photos of children doing the mitzvah of shaking the Lulav and Etrog. 

Raphael  Hadassah  Japer  Michael