Homework for this week.

As we have been learning about time this week, could you please work with your children at home on this. It is a difficult subject for most children to grasp - one child today asked me why the third hand is called the second hand! 

In particular, reading analogue clocks and talking about when programmes or events start and finish. I have asked them to note down the times of five activities that they take part in. To extend this, please discuss how long these activities might last and when they might finish. 

English for this week involves their spellings. Some children are not learning them and telling me that they don't have time! Please work with your children on this at home. It is important to, not only be able to spell words correctly, but also to use them correctly in sentences. The words this week are particularly difficult as they end in -gue or -que. Children need to find out the meanings of these and put them into sentences.

Thank you for your support, enjoy the lovely weather this weekend. Let's hope it lasts for some time!