And we are all ready to start!

Welcome back to our school. We hope you had a great summer break and are ready to start what promises to be a great learning year!! Just to get you thinking as we begin our learning, can you answer the following questions?

1. What is the very first Jewish festival we will be celebrating this academic year?


2. Which festival do the following items remind you of?

a. Shofar, apple and honey. New Year cards?

b. Non leather shoes, fasting

c. Eating in a hut, shaking the four species

d. Sefer Torah, flag

Let your RE teacher know if you managed to get any of these answers right! 

We look forward to working with you this year!

From the RE Staff


New on Youtube!!

We are delighted to announce that you can now find some of the Youtube clips we use at school to teach about Shavuot by searching for our King David "tailor made" play list.

  1. Open a intenet tab and go on Youtube
  2. On the serach box type in King David Birmingham Shavuot
  3. A play list of our favorite Shavuot videos should come up
  4. Select your video and enjoy!

Youtube shavuot playlist

Shavuot is coming!

Shavuot is coming! This is the time when we celebrate the receiving of the Torah! In school we will be learning all about Shavuot and the 10 commandments.  Can you guess how these pictures relate to Shavuot?


Shavuot flowers      Cheesecake for shavuot   Har sinai